Back in the Boatyard

Here we are, back in the boatyard–Robbie’s Boatyard on Stock Island, next to Key West. It’s a place we’ve come to know well over the past decade or so. It’s a dirty, dusty, smoky, smelly place, filled with people working hard on their boats and their dreams.

The boatyard rainbow leads to the scrapping block.
remnants of the Western Union
morning coffee

For several years now, Windhorse has enjoyed her spot out on the tip of Cow Key. It’s truly a million dollar view, one of the best in the Keys, looking over the waters of Hawk Channel with the reef in the distance.

Turning around, it’s a completely different picture. We’re next to the scrapping area, where old boats are crushed and cut up.

Nearby is what’s left of the Schooner Western Union, the flagship of Key West and the State of Florida, sadly awaiting her day on the scrapping block.

No matter how hard we work, we always begin the day with coffee at the water’s edge and a visit from the dog next door.

We won’t be in the boatyard long this time, just a few weeks to get the boat cleaned up after nine months in storage. We’re eager to get back out on the water–our home.

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