Links & Further Reading

Ever wonder what it’s like to be a liveaboard cruiser on a small boat? We’ve assembled links to some of our favorite YouTube videos to help give a flavor of the lifestyle.

On water, as on land, there are many different ways of living. Sailboats, like houses, range from small, simple, and frugal to large and luxurious. We’re on the smaller end of that scale, though many out there cross oceans on boats smaller and simpler than ours.

Twenty-eight Feet

This is one of our favorites, about a young man cruising early in his life. His boat is smaller and simpler than ours—we do have a refrigerator, for one. Nonetheless, his frugal attitude resonates with many cruisers.

Atlantic Crossing on a Wharram

These guys built their own Wharram and sailed it across the Atlantic.