The Boat

Wharram Pahi 42 sailing catamaran

In the 1950s, James Wharram became one of the first Westerners to design and sail oceangoing catamarans. In the decades since, he and his design partner Hanneke Boon have sold thousands of plans for catamarans ranging in size from 14 to 63 feet.

Wharram catamarans are styled after the double canoes of ancient Polynesia, the vessels used to explore and settle the remote islands of the Pacific Ocean thousands of years before Columbus reached the New World.

Wharram Catamarans are rugged, frugal boats; mostly homebuilt, with an impressive track record of ocean crossings.

We found this 42′ Wharram in Antigua in 2016, then under a German flag and named “Mahuini.” Her owner had just completed a 15-year circumnavigation. We immediately purchased the boat and spent five winters sailing our newly re-christened Windhorse II around the coastal waters of Florida.

In 2021, we hauled out in the Florida Keys to begin a multi-year comprehensive refit. When finished, Windhorse will be better than new and ready for her second trip around the world.