Tour of Windhorse II

Windhorse II is a 42′ catamaran designed by James Wharram. She was built in England in 1998 and launched with the name Mahuini in Hamburg, Germany. We purchased the boat in Antigua in 2015. We reflagged and rechristened her in Key West, Florida.

Wharram catamarans are characterized by open decking between the hulls rather than an enclosed center cabin. The hulls are connected with crossbeams and rope lashings. The lashings are strong but flexible, absorbing shock as the hulls move over waves.

A distinctive feature of Wharram’s Pahi designs is the up-swept bow and stern, reminiscent of the “manu” feature of traditional Polynesian vessels. Manu is a polynesian word for bird. The manu shape helps cut through waves.

One of the great luxuries of a Wharram catamaran, especially for warm climate sailing, is the massive amount of open deck space. Two dozen people lounging on the decks and net would not feel crowded for a day sail or sunset cocktail hour.

The cockpit area is sheltered by a large canvas bimini and seats seven comfortably.

new cockpit cushions, sewn by Rob

Below deck living spaces are narrow but cozy. Two completely separate hulls give privacy for guests.

All of these photos are pre-renovation. Things will look a little different after next year’s refit.