at anchor in the Florida Keys backcountry

Living on a cruising sailboat means we can travel the world without leaving home and without packing anything. Our home goes wherever we go.

The cruising life

living on the ocean

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The Crew


The skipper.

Lifelong sailor, horticulturalist, and chief public relations officer.


First mate.

Also chief engineer, navigator, and cook.

What’s in a Name?


from Central Asian folklore and Tibetan Buddhism, a mythical creature that carries prayers from earth to heaven; a symbol of well-being and good fortune.

s/v Windhorse II

a Wharram Pahi 42 catamaran, inspired by the double-canoe sailing vessels used by the ancient Polynesians to explore and settle the islands of the Pacific.

Latest News

  • Cross-country Road Trip (Part II)
    Part II of our cross-country roat trip. Continuing through California. Then on to Arizona, New Mexica, Texas, the Gulf Coast and returning to Florida.
  • Cross-country Road Trip (Part I)
    Hard to believe it’s been a year since our retirement. To celebrate, Joe and I took a break from boat work and set out on a cross-country road trip. Kentucky Our first stop was in Louisville for a visit with Mark and Erin Quinnan and their children (our great… Continue reading Cross-country Road Trip (Part I)
  • Haul-out
    Time once again to haul out at Robbie’s on Stock Island. For over a decade our routine has been to store the boat and return to Needham for nine months of work. Now that we’re retired and won’t be returning to Needham, it’s time to get down to work… Continue reading Haul-out
  • The Refit
    We’ve enjoyed four months of sailing and lounging around at anchor. Now it’s time to get down to work. A deciding factor when we bought the boat in 2015 was the quality of the original build. We knew that the hulls and crossbeams were built very well. All of… Continue reading The Refit
  • A Day at Snipe Point

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Living on the ocean means having a front row seat for the best performances of the sky. We rarely miss a sunrise or sunset. Here’s a feed just for the highlights.